venerdì 8 maggio 2015

'Good Intentions' Kathy Barrick

 Love so much Kathy's crestions!!!

'Good Intentions' Kathy Barrick, 40 ct Permin of Copenhagen natural linen, Dmc threads indicated.


mercoledì 6 maggio 2015

'Winter Beekeeper' Stacy Nash Primitives

 Something for me....

'Winter Beekeeper' Stacy Nash Primitives 40ct Newcastle cream linen, Gast Threads indicated.

martedì 28 aprile 2015

'Witches in the air' Notforgotten Farm


'Witches in the air' Notforgotten Farm, 40 ct Permin of Copenhagen natural linen, Dmc 310.

domenica 1 marzo 2015

'Tokens of Affection' Pineberry Lane

Senza faccia senza anima...
Faceless soulless....

'Tokens of Affection' Pineberry Lane, Permin of  Copenhagen 40ct natural linen, Dmc Threads indicated.

domenica 8 febbraio 2015

‘My heart has wings’ Notforgotten Farm



'My heart has wings' freebie by Lori Brechlin Notforgotten Farm, 40ct Old Massachusset linen, Dmc threads indicated.

domenica 1 febbraio 2015

‘Country Sampler Heart Pinkeep’ Stacy Nash Primitive


Valentine's month


Country Sampler Heart Pinkeep’ Stacy Nash Primitive,Permin of Copenhagen 40 ct Natural Linen, Dmc threads indicated.

domenica 18 gennaio 2015



Finding inspiration from my friend Theresa Meloon, you but there is no comparison…


domenica 7 dicembre 2014

‘With Thy Needle and Thread’


Christmas atmosphere….


‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Heaven & Nature Sing’ With Thy Needle and Thread , Newcastle 40 ct aged linen, CC and Gast indicated.

sabato 29 novembre 2014

‘Overshot Heart’ Carriage House Samplings


This stitch stole my heart … Marlene’s dolls !!!! 

snow angel

‘Snow Angel Doll’ and ‘Prim Pumpkin Doll’ are mine and lay together in my home!  Thank you Marlene you are an artist of real talent <3


‘Overshot Heart’ Carriage House Samplings, Newcastle 40 ct aged linen Dmc threads indicated.

‘Snow Angel Doll’ and ‘Prim Pumpkin Doll’ made by Marlene Robertson Village Primitives.

martedì 18 novembre 2014

‘1848 Reproduction Sampler’ Barrik Samplers


Great old pattern….


‘1848 Reproduction Sampler’ Barrik Samplers, Lino Newcastle 40ct - Sand